Sunday, March 14

went for 313 +油站 
JJ performed for about an hour. 
Now he's not as charming as before. 
my mum agrees for that. haha.
(but i have some phobia with ppl saying you've 'faded') 
anw, i used to be his biggest fan. but i was actually bored just now. 
|: oops. but he's still talented lah. good singing and good tunes and good piano playing! 
i really enjoyed the drama/musical. 
It was so quality, much better than MediaCorp shows. 
And the anointing, man! 
worship too! 
i enjoyed singing worship songs in mandarin for the first time. 
(i was actually pretty upset initially, almost cried. 
just thought i might imply something.)

Then i went to changi for supper
and took the last bus home. 
:D some freedom and excitement for me! 
i didn't have such luxury in the past. 
and super super thank God my mum was so patient and my dad wasn't mad.
they didn't yell at me for me reaching home late
(my mum nagged tho hahaha)
and they entertained my excitement rants. 
unmerited favor, seriously. 

these days have been super peaceful, 
i'm excited for my life and have nothing to fear
that's the way man! i think :D 

btw, i always feel uncomfortable when i blog too much about my day,
this post for example.
i know, i say this a lot of times alr.
haha just trying to be irritating :D
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