Saturday, March 13

i went to stayover
i had an awesome time later in the day (:
(we went to kope seats from Starbucks again heh)

i realized i've been too focused with what people's opinions of me 
this blog too
so i'm gonna change my attitude.
starting now, i'm not blogging to please or prove myself to others. 
i'm alr feeling the freedom. 
it was too stressful previously. 

oh oh what do u call cheese that's not your cheese? 

also! look at that tortured face on that poor cheese. 
that's cos the cheese was annoyed with orange

Cheese: Lalalala! 
                (tries to block out Orange)
Orange: Oh it's time to sing? 
               (super annoyingly joins in)
Cheese: Lalalalalaalalalalala!
Cheese got grated in the end and ended up on a pizza.

Orange: That looks really degrading (for being grated). How do u get a-round (for being a pizza)? 
(watch the latest one! Annoying Orange: Luck O' the Irish , it's superrr funny 

okay that's all for today. 
i'm super sleepy now. 
but my mum's waiting my dad
so i'm kinda waiting with her,
as she sleeps in her room
and me blogging at the dining table

Mun Teng
Relationship Status:
In a relationship with
Jesus Christ

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