Thursday, March 11

i just had supper with my parents.
always those dumplings!
and today, a pizza too.
he used one of the chopsticks as fork.
(cos i koped some of it with his proper fork)
(this was taken by some lousy nokia phone. so i edited it a little)

and i decided to try grapefruit as featured in the annoying orange 7 . 
if u watch that video, u would be interested to try it too. 
anyway, that grapefruit was superrrr sour! 
i made a funny face and my parents laughed at me. 
i was wondering what's so funny
then i saw my dad's face. 
cracked me up so so much
it was like all squished up 
and so much funnier during the moment 

today i went to City Hall with Irene. 
we had Just Noodles, where there's free flow ice cream and drinks! 
their hot chocolate is awesome. 
comparable to spinelli (: 
we talked, it was pleasant. 
(although she kept calling me bimbo. oh gosh)
but true enough i was especially clumsy 
i spilled a drink(into wires but i didn't tell the ppl), 
dropped a watch, and others that qualifed me as a (part time?) bimbo

anyway, after the meal, we went to walk around. 
most of the shops were closed since it was alr 9
faceshop was still open though 
girls should know what that means.
sure go in and buy those nail colors one (hahaha pardon the slang) 
those are the two colors that irene bought
i thought they're really pretty. 

and we met irene's boyfriend otw back. 
then we went to starbucks to play monopoly deal without buying any drinks. :D
for the first time, i took that shuttle bus that goes from suntec tower three to the mrt station

finally! i'm done narrating my day. 
see, that's why i seldom do it like this 
i know it's not super exciting. 
you're gonna judge me! 

i'm supposed to be sleeping now cos i gotta wake up at 10am. 
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