Monday, March 15

today i went to meet love. 
haha both of us woke up early and lacked sleep
we went home before 6(for the first time i think!)
too sleepy alr. lol.
i love Love. 
(she's my gf and i'm no gay.
or am i? haha)
(i broke the fork while eating the truffle from Galilee-and cut my finger a little
it rocks btw. super cheap for what it's worth)

then i went out for family dinner 
at upper thompson, and we had chicken rice.
pretty nice 
too bad i wasnt hungry. 
and my family is such a noisy bunch!
we were super noisy, laughing away and making noises, disturbing others! 
i like. :D 

we bought some ice cream from sembawang shopping centre 
and i couldn't help noticing the pun for a shop's name
'Bubble Queue' for bubble tea! 

later on, we went to sembawang park, where there's a beach.
bet u didn't know! (at least i didnt haha)
we played on swings! 
so long never play alr. 
i got scared when i swung too high. 
call me gutless. but i rly rly cannot stand viking like stuff. heh
oh my mum played the swing too, and my dad was laughing away 
such fun! 
pleasant time (:

i'll blog in a 'regular' mode once i'm stuck at home with me and my thoughts.
for now let me flaunt my life 
Mun Teng
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In a relationship with
Jesus Christ

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