Tuesday, March 16

today i went to kbox. 
caught the promo price, 5 hours for only 8 dollars! 
i'll be working tmr.(hopefully as not bad as i imagine)  
earn some cash and lose some fats as well 

i'm unimpressed at those ppl who just use functions for the way it is 
and when it turns out good, ppl gets super impressed by those amateur acts. 
specifically for photographs, 
learn decent photoshop skills and use the manual mode la. 
best is that cameras now are having those crazy functions, making every shot look effortlessly professional looking. 
some 'good' news that i'm not that excited about. 
i know i'm biased. 
too bad. 

so much for complaining. haha
that's prolly cos my phone is cocked up again
can't send message 
so i feel pretty sian. 
and sleepy, cos didn't manage to slp much last night. 
but i'm still joyful
(not so much the happiness or excitement. mostly contentment)
was reading Unmerited Favor just nw
and the peace is just undeniable. (in spite of my sian-ness and all)
so unshakable.

have a good day, 
rest and reign. 
(whoo, it rhymes)
Mun Teng
Relationship Status:
In a relationship with
Jesus Christ 

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