Saturday, March 6

Jenga by rex 14 on deviantart 

went to settler's cafe today with the girls. 
it's enjoyable and peaceful. 
there's always this unique feeling when it's fellowship.
[it must have been love~ (an old song by Roxettee (: )] 
we played quite a number of games. 
and i tried taboo for the first time. hahah 
ugly doll is fun too, but i'm slow at reaction games. 
always lose one. 
i rather play some mindless game like Jenga, wheet

people just find something more interesting when it gets behind the scenes
when it's all packaged up looking all pretty, 
people never take as much notice as when it's still in 'blue print' mode
example, drawings. 
when it's all polished looking almost perfect, people don't take a second glance.
but when the step by step is demonstrated, with those sketchy pro looking strokes, people then notice the efforts put in. 
imagine how much more things we will learn to appreciate and find beauty in when we get more interested in those things we took for granted. 

my eye friggin hurts. 
and i just returned from eating dumplings for supper. 
thanks mum, gave me char siew buns the other night as well. 
now stop mocking my fats
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