Sunday, March 7

i've started to observe things a little more. 
cos i find i might be too easily impressed. 
it's hard to think of an example.. 
it's mostly people i guess. 
oh i got one. 
hmm i always feel that this particular girl has really hot legs, her thighs are like perfect. 
bronze and the right size. 
so me, having thunder thighs, will tend to admire her hot legs 
but one day, i noticed her legs are actually not as stick-y. 
there's even a little cellulite. 
i'm not trying to bring her down. 
cos she still looks good
my point being i was so impressed that i forgot thighs are not meant to be chopsticks. 
i felt better about my thighs and they are not as horribly fat now. 
(although it's not slim |: please don't notice them the next time u see me!)

you get my point? 

how to say.. 
it's like, u thought that person/thing is oh so perfect, making u feel so inferior or u've got a long way to go. 
but it's not that far cos that person/thing has flaws too. 
just that u have to observe more, and see it for what it is, not just the impression. 

ughhh sorry it's super boring with huge chunks of words for some neurotic explanation. 

btw, the number of readers for my blog is soooo pathetic 
makes me feel so discouraged, i dont feel like blogging anymore. 
plus no response, no comments, zilch. 
it might just be a number game.. but.. sighhhh.
i shall have faith that one day, one fine day!  

i wanna learn photography.
with a dslr, i can camwhore professionally. :D 
by then i wont mind posting pictures at all. i think. 
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