Monday, March 8

i shall dig out something to blog about. 
today has been a good day. 
not in the bitchy mood. hah

oh forgot to mention i had carl's junior yesterday
expensive la. 
like 14 bucks for a meal. 
some sort of high end fast food restaurant. lol

i'll be going out with a girlfriend for kbox later on! wheee
i'm so excited i'm all planned out this week. 
it's gonna be busy and fun. :D
but i hope i will be able to work real soon
i swear i should start working next week.
aiya shouldn't bring work up man. like wet blanket haha

anyway, bananas are most well known for looking so alike to some male body part which i shall not elaborate further cos that will be really awkward and vulgar. 
how about a banana which is not yellow, but in flesh color, which makes it look more alike! 
saw this bunch of bananas being sold when i was in some part of yishun. 
funny man, i had to capture a shot.
[it's the picture above if it isn't obvious enough :D]
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