Tuesday, March 9

i've been busy reading comments from 
Natalie Tran's recent video, Happy Winners
So i read a lot of interesting comments on 

What will you do if you win 2 millions from lottery

I would put all the money in Preferred Stocks and live off the interest.

Oh, if i won 2 million? I'd buy all the seats in the royal opera house, and then not go. 

if i had the 2 million i would......kill justin bieber

Wow..a million dollars in the lottery??? HMM ..that would buy a ton of lottery tickets..:) 

If i won a million dollars from the lottery, i'd buy Cambodia. 
I just don't know what to do with the other $999, 980.00...

I'd buy Haiti and then deposit the remaining $1,999,999.99 in a bank account! 

My newscast would be me telling me everyone how i am finally going to buy EVERYTHING in my watching on my ebay account, all at once 

I'd donate it to get the children of tomorrow a better education...
or i just spend it on bitches and cocaine.

With 2 million, i would get Morgan Freeman to narrate my life. 
He would be able to make things as shit as my life seem moderately interesting. 

I would buy Nat, make her film herself acting strangely, and post those ridiculous videos on youtube... oh wait...

what. haha.
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