Sunday, March 21

it's amazing how much smoother your nails feel if u buff them and apply top coat!
i'm jussayin' 
super sleepy today cos i didn't get much sleep for sleeping so late
and i'll prolly be waking up early again later on
(not that i actually woke up early today..)

i went to pasar malam just now
if u came to woodlands enough times, 
u will notice the pasar malam is almost permanently always there.
anyway i got fake lashes for only one buck! super cheap i swear. 
cos the cheapest i see anywhere else is alr 2 bucks. 
and i saw this flower(photo above) there too! 
pretty pretty. haha
(yeah it a word pun |: )

rest and reign, 
have a great day (:
Mun Teng
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In a relationship with
Christ Jesus

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