Saturday, March 20

should girls ask guys for dates? 

i feel yes. but not as often as guys

mainly, i feel it's just so much nicer when 
a guy knows what he wants, 
knows what to do to make the girl feel desired.
making the effort to woo the girl 
so unnatural when it's the guy being chased
[unless it's another guy wooing him (hah, that was a joke. /: )]

girls shouldn't do the asking just because they're exasperated from waiting
it's fine to me, to do it sometimes(emphasis) as something fresh 
or as a reciprocation. 

What do you think? 
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i'm like pretty agitated cos i was watching vanae's video 
and she's encouraging girls to take initative for this matter. 
i sort of, kinda, agree. 
but girls are more vulnerable emotionally so it's pretty much riskier than for guys.
plus, i saw comments from guys mainly super encouraging this motion cos it makes their job easier. 
and i got mad at that pathetic excuse
i mean, if the guy doesn't know how to be a man,
why should you expect the female to be the man instead?
(sorry i prolly sound pissed. oops)

it's like fooling with nature! 
i agree with Peter Cincotti's, Be Careful lyrics. 

When every tarzan in the jungle acts like jane. 

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