Wednesday, March 24

omg omg i finally have money on nuffnang!
like finally after eons.

i'm pretty much a social awkward these days. 
haven't really gone out much.
u wanna know why?
no money, no honey. (lol, who uses this phrase anymore)

and recently i find my name, munteng, 
seems pretty similar to nutmeg.
add in an 'n' and it's an anagram
(i feel like nerd cos i know what anagram means, since primary school.)
maybe that shall be my new nickname, and i shall be the new cool. 
-fireworks hand gesture- nutmeg.

my msn looks like this. i'm using Adium.
that striped box, i can always customize the colors and all
don't laugh at me for choosing pink!
and it's so small and short now because it's 5am
it will grow and become longer when it's peak hour
(hahaha that sounds wrong)

so today msn died for many ppl.
but mine didn't. 
and i was wondering how come there were so little ppl online
i thought everyone blocked me.
(the list was this short then)

that's a print screen of my desktop,
with all the junk just cleared.
it's usually not that neat, ask my sis.

woah i clicked the pic and it's superrr clear
Click on the picture above for an experience of having my desktop! 
(yeah it's meant to sound like some advert)

i suddenly decided that msn and my desktop are interesting things to talk about.
yeah. |:  
rest and reign, have a great day. 
Mun Teng
Relationship Status:
In a relationship with
Christ Jesus

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