Saturday, November 14

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I feel i'm getting easily discouraged these days.. ): 
That's not good!
Makes me unhappy easily. 

But i'm sure once i have had enough, things will change. 
(i was intending to list out all the things that have changed because i've made enough stupid mistakes.
but nevermind. :D) 

you know sometimes when you are just happily going with your flow. 
Thinking you're doing things fine. 
Then suddenly everything goes against you. 
People starts to behave differently. 
And then the next moment, some close friend of yours tells you, 
'you might have an attitude problem'. 
And you go, oh shit. 
Then the rehabilitation time comes. 
So after you recover, you just go happily with your flow. 
** Repeat. 

But seriously, if anyone thinks i have an attitude problem, i wanna know. 
A constructive criticism will be good. 
I won't get bitter, i will listen and learn. 
I promise. 

Oh yeah. I mentioned about people getting way too emotional with their looks two posts before.
My mum said something that made me feel like 'yes! that's the missing piece! that sums it up'. 
And it's that a neutral perspective was lacking.
Spares me from beating round and round the bush. 
These days i find it hard to get words to piece up my thoughts. 
Maybe my english bank is having a dry season. Haha. 

Ohhhh, i saw a video about a man hitting his girlfriend . 
He knows Muay Thai and he used it on her. 
Makes me so effing mad!
I will never let anyone do that to me! 
I swear i will scratch and hit and kick and get something to whack the &@^!# out of him.
But then i won't know.. 
I'm sure Rihanna thought this way too, before Chris Brown started abusing her.
Makes me realize how powerful love can be. 
Oh, speaking about love, i'm extremely particular about this word. 
I always believed love should be perfect, like what i'm experiencing now. 
As much as i hate to admit, imperfect love is also love. 
So, i shall just say there are different types of love.

Also also, my sis fed a cat food. 
She bought those canned one and fed one lucky stray cat. 
But the cat seemed really hungry and satisfied after the food 
Makes the $1.90 so worth it. 
Makes me feel like donating a little of my allowance to people who need it more.

I believe most people care about the less fortunate.
More than what the society seems like right now. 
They just need a little more awareness. 
Something to hit the right chords in the hearts.

Today, i will attempt to do schoolwork. 
Thing is idk where to go, for the millionth time. 
I don't feel like going to Changi.. or do i?? 
Oh yeah, i must say this. 
I woke up at 12 noon! 
Not 2-3 in the afternoon. 
Haha. I'm proud okay, for not lazing around in bed. 

It's completely impossible to find someone who won't ever hurt you, so go for someone who will make the pain worthwhile. 

[xoxo] Made In Love

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