Friday, November 13

Not from Deviantart this time: 

I'm trying blogging in school again. 
Just a quick one. 
I reflected on my posts and feel they've been a little cynical. 
It's a little uncomfortable for me to read. 

But the most painful thing about making a mistake is admitting what you've done previously wasnt quite as perfect. 
Yeah, it's painful now.... 
A little, seriously. 
But it's okay, i've learnt something so that's fine. 

Oh yeah, i was in town the other day and the mannequins gave me an idea. 
Mannequins look good, but you don't date them right? 
Like duh. 
But, sometimes people date just for looks 
It's just pretty interesting. 
Interesting how people can date a walking mannequin. 
I'm referring to guys who date girls just for their looks alone. 
or vice versa but not so nice the other way. 
My point is: Hence, people don't just go for looks alone,  
Personality and character is usually the main reason why. 
by right.

That's why looks are over rated. 
end. (the picture cracks me up. :D)

I shall retreat back into my humble life.

ever wonder why they use a.b.c.d.e.f to define bra sizes? 
A)absent, B)barely visible, C)come in useful, D)damn good, E)enormous, and F) f*cking fake

[xoxo] Made In Love 

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