Thursday, November 12

The Mask by Kim 92 on Deviantart

Four kicks from Kings of Leon is distracting me. 
The lead vocal is very distinctive. 

There is a fine line for many things..
Balance is of essence. 
There's no words i can use to emphasize how important it is. 

What is with people and certain attributes they have?

Looks in particular. 
Why are they so shy or proud, or in any way overly emotionally attached to it. 
i mean, if you've got good looks then good lor. 
If people praise you then accept it la. 
don't need to get all emotional, or really affected by those comments.. 
Cos seriously, looks is either you have it or not. 
You can't exactly work for it. 
So why get so attached to it? 
Now i'm talking about people with good looks. 
I dislike it when people say 'no la, i where got..'.
Okay, i think on most occasions it's fine. 
If the person's genuinely humble.
But when she just flatly say that like a drama script, 
just so that people can keep insisting, 
that's the annoying part.
We all can expect what one might be thinking, since this is the reaction.
But i'm not saying you should blatantly be a huge fan of your own looks and go 'of course!' when someone praises you. 
Cos that will just make things uncomfortable. 

Hence there is a fine line between just acknowledging someone's praises and over/under-acknowledging it. 

I really want to blog more. 
There's a lot i want to share.
I alr typed a lot previously but i cleared them cos i thought they were inappropriate. 
My thoughts are all over the place today.. 

anyway, i'm looking forward to programming class tmr. 
this is a time when surprise comes in. 
usually, between 'me' and 'like programming', there's a 'NEVER'. 
But for the class this sem, it's seowster and soff and me. 
And for the time seow is gonna give us, i think it's only fair i score well this time. 
it's also so much easier to learn when it's such a small class. 
So yup, i'm looking forward to learn. :D 

I haven't even started my school work.
I'm still upset now. 
down down down down down. 

You have no idea how much i will do for you. 

the only reason everyone holds onto memories so tight is because memories are the only things that don't change when everything else does

[xoxo] Made in Love

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