Monday, November 9

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Once you tried the best, you wouldn't want to settle for second best. 

I got that from War Of In Laws II. haha. It's a pretty old drama 
But i could still remember this sentence. 
that Athena say one. 
But quite cool right. 
makes you stand out from the rest. 
Shows that you have aspirations. 
That you have high confidence in life.

On the other hand, it's not so impressive when someone keeps settling for second best. 
It's definitely understandable when one is young and still learning 
But at a particular age, for particular issues, if you're still stuck at this same level, 
then it will just appear as if you have stunted growth. 
and thats when i will laugh at you. haha. 
I'm talking about grown ups particularly. eheheh.
Once again, i shall reiterate the importance of making mistakes in the name of adolescence. 
Cos when you're all grown up, there are certain expectations.
At least i will for myself. 

hmm, what else. 

ohhh isn't it common to flirt??? 
it's so easy. 
it just takes a moment of interest or lust. 
that small signal will stir someone else's heart. 
you can brush it off.. since it's alr over rated. 
But why degrade 'flirt'? 
I think it's such a sweet thing to do for someone you like. 
However, when you overuse it, it tends to be devalued and gets 'contaminated' in a way. 
andddd, it will be part of your image. 
Just an indirect way to remind the fact that one can might be seen as a flirt. 

today has been good. 
I paid attention in class. 
hopefully i can continue to pay attention in class for the rest of the sem. 
aww, my sis just gave me a sweet, which i mistook it as bubblegum.

i think i'm gonna die again from lack of sleep. PE tmr! 

True friends are not people who act true to your face. It's those who remain true behind your back.

[xoxo] Made In Love 

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