Sunday, November 8

Silver Lining by forest wanderer

I shall try blogging at Changi. 
I'm here cos i need to do my pdw.
but i'm glad i don't need to type 'i woke up, used comp,ate, attempted to do work, ate again, slept again, used comp, ate once again, watched tv, using comp now.' again. 
I can't afford to do that either.

 Cos it's worth 10%. 

Anyway, while i was on the bus, the weather was really beautiful. 
The clouds were really puffy and they reflected the sun's light.
from the road i was on, i could see the cloud's 'silver lining'
Everywhere else was all just cloudy.
and everything was all so bright and colorful from the sun. 
It felt so magical. (: 

Hmm, maybe i'm being too critical these days. 
I feel quite bad for putting direction arrows on issues that are open ended and subjective. 
So, i will take note. 
(no, i'm not apologising.)

anyway, blogging now is a baddddd move. 
I desperately need to pee, but i'm still blogging away here. 
Thing is i can't leave for toilet until i finish my work. 
If not my seat will be stolen when i leave the spot, or my things will be stolen when i just leave it there. 
Haha, i'm listening to Sarah Brightman's Time To Say Goodbye. 
It's the Ferrero Roccier(idk how to spell) song. ZR sent me. haha. 

Okay till later, (after i go toilet)

Sometimes I pretend to be normal. But it gets boring. So I go back to being me.

[xoxo] Made In Love

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