Friday, November 6

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Hello humans! 
(Haha,that's a first. i never started my blog with hello-until now) 
i'm gonna talk about girl-boy attractions. 
i don't know why, not as if anything happened. but yeah. 

I think preferences are very subjective. 
It's one thing for a different preference. 
however, it's another for plain bad taste.
And it's a huge turn off when some good looking person has bad taste. 
I'm not just talking about just looks, more like generally. 
If the girl is not pretty but personality is good, fine. 
but when he's just checking some girl who walked pass, and pointed that really-cannot-make-it-girl out, and says she's 'chio', 
then it's really a turn off. 
I don't know about you, but in that case, i wouldn't want him to say what he thinks about my looks. 
Don't wanna be in the same category as them lol. 
Yes, i admit this is very superficial.. 

Talking about turn offs, a turn on will be when a person knows what his heart is for. 
Especially at this age ( youthful, wonderful, excellent 17)

Usually us innocent adolescents are still unsure of how to deal with feelings. 
Or even recognize the fact that they are able to feel romance. 
Hence when someone knows what his heart is for, that's a small turn on. 
What's a major one, will be when the person knows how to deal with his feelings and control them well. 
Which i seldom see around.
then when i do, i will be turned on lah. simple. lol. (that was so uncalled for, pardon me)

Hmm, i notice i have high expectations from people. 
Especially when in a communication. 
Okay, let me list out my expectations:
Refrain from using mobile phone 
Don't butt in and give untimely comments. (aka don't act smart)
Do give the most appropriate advice you've got. 
Don't be close minded. 
Respect for different views. 
Allow the conversation to give you changes. 
Don't just walk away and forget.  
Be selfless at times. 
And most importantly, listen genuinely. And remember their words.
(Actually, my points here are extremely messy. There are main points and sub points and elaborations.)

I don't know if it's difficult to hit all of the points.
but not many people around me can do that. 
In fact, little. 
i doubt i fulfilled the entire criteria as well. 
But i still get a little frustrated at times when i try to strike a conversation 
and it goes to an unintended direction. 

On the same page of conversations with people,

i think words are just a medium. It is feelings that connect. 
sometimes, you can phrase your words beautifully and clearly, 
but the other person just doesn't get what you are trying to say. 
it is because this person doesn't have this feeling in her 'feelings bank'. 
She's never experienced this thing before, so she wouldn't possibly understand when you mention this particular event to her. 
You cant expect her to understand how she feels. 
Unless, of course when she has a similar experience then she gives you that knowing look. 

Okay, aside from not having a similar experience. 
Sometimes, the person did have such an experience. 
But, pity she couldnt feel enough from it. 
She didn't take notice of details, didn't think about it, hence wasnt able to have much emotions or thoughts from it. 
For people like this, i will generally think they are dim witted. 
( |: )
Unless in special cases, example the person was having a rough patch, was tired, etc. 
I mean, seriously, why else would you not think about this situation you are in? 
If you are not even gonna use your brain for something as important as this, what else are you going to use your brain for, you dumb ass!

Sorry about that, i mentioned i was having problems with my expectations from people. 
i'll try to cut some slack now. 
Afterall, people around me are still young, mistakes are highly encouraged.
I will unleash my full force when i meet adults. 
that's when i criticize till their pants drop. 

Hence, my conclusion will be, make as many mistake as you can, all in the name of adolescence. 
Cos it's not gonna last long! haahaha.

Oh i feel glad i didnt give up on doing the flipbook. 
(it's an assignment i was late for submission but the teacher allowed it till today)
That was seriously such a stone - it could either trip me, or lift me higher. 
Now i can move on to clearing the assignments i owe. 
Untill i have a clean slate, like i did 3 weeks ago. :x 

Okay, i shall go shower and sleep. yay! hurrays for sleep.

Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege!

[xoxo] Made In Love

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