Sunday, November 1

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Been pretty busy since school started. 
I'm not gonna lie, i enjoy being busy. 
feels more happening. which indirectly affects my self esteem. lol. 

Oh, i tried Ajisen the first time in my 17 years. 
It was niceeee. I'm definitely going back. The food is good, pretty value for money. 
and i watched This Is It on the premiere. Teeheeeeheee. 
It was impressive. Mainly cos i never really watched MJ's videos properly. 
But he's really such a great performer. Really deserves to be a legend. 

Today i went for job interview at Paragon. 
Annoying thing is, it was raining super uber heavily. So it was hard to make my way there. 
First, the rain cos Paragon's not connected with shelters(yet) 
Secondly, cos everyone's seeking shelter, it's super packed. 
third, there was this Subaru thing. so, more people 
Okay la, at least i get this thing cleared. 
then i get a job soon. 
Then i get money. then i get to buy new stuff! 

shucks man, i haven't started on my assignments. 
I hope i have enough time to complete them. 
But i think i won't be able to do a superb job. |: 
Me and procrastination. 
I will chiong tmr. 

And yes! finally i'm having my photoshoot. 
On Tuesday. :D (too bad i can't crash sowji's lecture heh)
Fixed the appointment when i met the person just now outside Ngee Ann City. 

Oh yeah, Ngee Ann City sounds weird to me. Cos i'm from Ngee Ann. 
NP people feel this way too right? haha. 

Did some shooting on Friday. This time, not just some looks-neither-like-digital-cam-nor-DSLR-cam. 
but it's those imba looking video cam. 
it looks like the one in the picture of the previous post. 
But not as good quality i guess. 
The one we used that day costs 5k which was supposedly cheap for a video cam. 
And the tripod costs anther 5k. lol. 
Such an expensive industry. 
Anyway, it was fun. 
But i can't describe how come. It just was. (:
yeah i know it's a late update haha. 
It happened on friday and now it's alr sunday now.  

Have i mentioned i finally got my good sleep back? :D 
i started to be able to sleep well somewhere mid week. 
That morning when i wanted to continue lazing in the bed.. 
Cos usually, i'll get out of the bed immediately.. Didn't have a comfortable sleep then. 
So yeah, i'm glad. Thank God. 

But my appetite decreased. Like usually i will clear my plate decently clean. 
Now, i always have leftovers. 
Nevermind, this manner, i won't grow fat as easy haha. 

I keep feeling i'm phrasing my words weirdly. 
Cos i'm listening to music now. A little distracted lol. Pardon me please. 

In case purely updates might be boring, i shall now talk about random stuff. 
i'm trying to be entertaining on my blog. 
With pics, phrases, updates and topics. hope it's been helping. 

Anyway, i find this quite a dilemma. 
it is that, sometimes when you start ranting in some form, take blogging for example. 
So you say, "Damn i dislike it when people (inserts an annoying action)"
And when you meet some person, 
who behaves that exact way you mentioned. 
you'll just feel awkward.
The person starts to think
"Oh yeah, she must be hating me for this."
Then you might say "Oh no, you are different, you are special"  
He goes "Yeah right". 
Which is true. You still hate the person's guts for that.  

on the same page, one thing i hate is a hyprocrite.
i dislike fake people. 
Okay, this might make me seem awkward 
but i'm just gonna say it cos i do get pissed about it. 
And it doesn't seem like i will change my view about this anytime soon. 
I know in society, you cannot just be yourself all the time. 
You are forced to put on masks just so you don't get hurt unnecessarily, and sometimes it helps you to get things done efficiently. or other 'valid' reasons. 
But when you overdo it, and for the wrong purposes, that's when it becomes FAKE. 
You know what i mean? 
Now the word 'fake' look funny to me. haha. 

Oh yeah, why don't more singaporeans celebrate Halloween! It seems fun.. ): 
Candiezxzxxzxz! And costumezxzxxzx!

FluffeeTalks on Youtube mentioned he was intending to go as a prisoner with a long boner. 
While he was whacking his pseudo penis,
he added that his problem would probably be having to explain that it's not his real dick that was poking them. 
and will also prolly get smacked several times. 
I found that hilarious so i had to mention it. |: inappropriate, i know.

okay, i'm sleepy. Shall go sleep now. gonna have a long day tomorrow.    

MunTeng asks for patience to deal with stupid people and courage to tolerate their ignorance. 
Because Lord knows if I ask for strength, I will beat them to death!

[xoxo] Made In Love

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