Monday, November 2

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I did my work today! and learnt how to moonwalk! :D yay! 
Feel so accomplished. Haha 
And i know the moonwalk is so random. 
I just decided to learn it after eyeing on it for so long. 
I'm still noob so don't laugh. 

Was at Starbucks from 3 till 10 plus. 
but it paid off, cos i finished 3DD. wheeee. 
that thing looks pretty shit for something that i spent 7 hours on though. 

There's school tomorrow... Ahhh! why the weekend pass so fast!
then again, time passes fast these days. 

you know what i don't like? 
I don't like it when people don't keep their word. 
No, not big promises like i'll pay you back your 829293737 bucks that you lent me.

It's just small matters like calling or texting when you said you will 
Oh oh, i also don't like it when i'm talking to a particular person on msn and the person stops replying. 
Then ended up signing off!
It's alright when the person comes back and say 'sorry, got dced.'
But when the person doesn't, that's when i get disappointed. 

anyway, three cheers for me being single for 3 months alr. 
Yes, it's a big deal for me. Leave me alone! 
Wait, no, i don't literally mean leave me alone, 
i don't wanna be single all my life.
i mean don't laugh at me for that. haaaaa.  

Oh there's this story. 
A little boy haven't ate for 3 days. 
when he finally got money, he bought 4 buns to eat. 
after eating the first one, he ate the second one. 
Since it wasn't enough, he ate the third one. 
It still wasn't enough so he finished the fourth one. 
Finally he was full. 
Then he exclaimed "Aiya, like this then no need to eat the first, second and third bun alr what!"
(pardon the slang, idk if it's even called for) 

It's funny isn't it? 
Don't we do that sometimes? 
As in, in life, we make mistakes then we learn. 
But then, we tend to go, "in that case i shouldn't have done that!' 
We didn't realize those were the essential steps for us to learn that particular thing.
My point being, let go of yourself, it's alright to make mistakes. 
And also, don't condemn others when they make mistakes. 
Cos it's seriously alright. 
But i still do laugh when people make silly mistakes. |: haahaaa. 

When somebody says you've changed, it's only because you stopped living your life their way.

[xoxo] Made In Love

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