Friday, October 23

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It's been long since i updated! 
Haha, hasn't been easy for me, have i mentioned i love blogging? 
First week of school just ended. I skipped 2 days of school haha. 
Got 2 days MC. 
Havent been feeling fabulous. So let me whine about my not-so-good health these days. 
I'm having sore throat, cough and slight flu. And felt really terrible a few days cos i was desperately lacking sleep. But i asked for it actually, didnt take good care of my body hence.
I tend to go out of tune and sound off at times when i attempt to sing. |: 
i'm no pop singer, but not having a decent voice irritates me. 
Especially when i talk, gosh, my horrible sore throat. 
cough and sore throat is the worst combination i swear. 
You know that right? 
Cos u cough cough cough then your throat will also hurt 
So shit. 

Okay, i had been going out hachi and sowji. 
It had been priceless. 
and actually supposed to meet another girlfriend today, but my mum disallowed me from going out. ): 
anyway got no money so sian luh. i just look forward to catching up with her real soon.

Oh, and it wasn't easy to blog cos i felt bad about something i posted previously. 
About that guy 
I just hate it when i'm so weak. 
I cave in to my emotional desires. 
I can't decide and say i'm through or not. I don't want re-conclude over and over again. 
So yea, i will not talk about him anymore. Does nothing for anyone. 

Oh yeah, i got in netball for Sports and Wellness aka PE. Not sure how it's gonna be like. 
But i really look forward to making more friends. 

Hmm, and i want to add that i'm glad that people read my blog. 
I'm not sure exactly who, where, when, and what's on the mind. 
But i'm still really thankful you people allow my words to enter your minds. 
(: I don't care if it's just one reader. I don't care if the feedback is negative. 
As long as there is a soul, i'm glad. 

Now, pardon me while i proceed to drink more water for my annoying sore throat.

there's truth behind every 'just kidding', curiosity behind every 'just wondering', knowledge behind every 'i dont know' and emotion behind every ' i dont care'

[xoxo] Made In Love

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