Monday, October 19

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Omg, i'm so tired now. It's first day of school. 
Didn't have much sleep and now i'm aching all over. Feel like i'm about to have fever. 

First day of school was fine. (: 
Actually it's better than holidays, for now. Haha. 
At least something to get occupied with. 
and i will remember my parents have to pay for this. 
Not cheap la. haha. 
So i better make full use of it. 
I will do well for this sem! No more lousy work. 
I'm sick of being the lousy student in class. 
Oh, lunch today was enjoyable. Nice to spend time with classmates. 

I have PE tmr! D; Life sucks. 
Nah i'm joking. Idk why i keep joking like this. I mean, it's not even funny 

Gosh, i'm excited for date with sowji tmr. (: It's been too long

What has a slice of burnt toast and a pregnant girl got in common? In both cases you wish you had it out a few seconds earlier..

(my picture on top has no link man. Lol) 

[xoxo] Made In Love

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