Sunday, October 18

Am I by Gosia Kill on Deviantart.

I went out for dinner with my family yesterday. 
We intended steamboat buffet but ended up at some stir fried place
They complained the curry was horrible. 
But the best part was that my family was awesome. 
I really enjoy spending time with them. 
And my dad was with us too! I mean, usually he doesn't go out with us. 
It was so fun. We laughed at the silliest things. 
I enjoy the way we can just be out silly selves and not worry about being judged, 
I guess cos we're all silly together. (: 

Oh, my mum and sis decided to watch Moonlight Resonance on my Macbook. 
So i'm ended up with no comp.. 
The desktop's too lousy i'm better off without it. 
And it's good to have a break from internet. 
Was listening to music yesterday and just using my phone. 
It's a nice way to spend time slowly. 

Hmm, and i keep feeling that there's no point waiting for him anymore.. 
Yeah, i have to admit he's really my type 
But i think i can see he's not really boyfriend material right now. 
Maybe next time, 
when the chance comes knocking again, 
And maybe we can grab it then, instead of letting it slip away now. 
I wonder if you read this, and realize i'm talking about you. 
Hmm then again, maybe u were just playing with my feelings all these while. 
But I won't know. 
Oh yeahhhhh, school's starting tmr. arghhhh 

Oh gosh, that fucker just ruined my morning. 
fuckfuckfuck. Yeah that fuck face aka my fucking uncle. 
I think i can stab him with a knife in the middle of the night. 
Yes i will do that. 
I will first tie him up, and make sure he can't defend himself. 
Then i'll slice him up. Whooooo! First his ears, then his nose, then him fingers then his toes. 
Then when i'm bored of slicing, i think i'll just get an axe and chop him up, and tenderize all his flesh. 

Sorry that bugger has always been my pet peeve.   

Knowing a person is like music, what attracts us to them is their melody, and as we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics.

[xoxo] Made In Love 

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