Friday, October 16

Feelings by XNeeneX on Deviantart

Sorry, i'm back to my whining about him days. 
I still can't get over him. 
If only he can see what i feel. 
If only i know what he thinks. 
I'm pretending not to care. 
But i really do. 
I am trying not to be desperate. 
and i really wish i am not. 
I'm crumbling under the pressure of my emotions. 
My patience is losing its magic. 
I feel like crying. ): 
I want to be a guy. And take all the initiative i can. 
Instead of waiting here. For him to make the first move. 

No, it has always been you. 
(gee, actually i'll be proud i crushed on someone for this long, if i weren't crumbling because of you)

[xoxo] Made In Love

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