Thursday, October 15

Tired by Arizlann on Deviantart
Sorry that post was crazy. I was really tired hence 
Too big a reaction. |: almost sounded like i have a bf. 
anyway, i'm still very sleepy. 
my mum dug me up from bed, says if i dun wake up now, i'll screw up my body clock again. 
Oh, i had many many dreams, dreams about swimming in bubbles, and humoring a child 
etc etc haha. 

I went to have Breeks with clarie. 
clarie had some super fantastic pasta. 
Mine cannot be compared. 
But that was sarcasm. hahahaha. 
The meal was alright, for me. haha. idk abt clarie 
Then we watched Shorts. 
I dont quite get it. Plus i fell asleep for some part of the film. 
But entertaining la. The effects and acting is good. The story line is also unpredictable and interesting. 
It's not lame or predictable 
i think it's 3/5 
Darn it, i still havent watched Up. ): 

i wanna sleep. 

MunTeng feels that the hardest part about being lied to is that,
you know that they either don't think you're worth the truth or that you are not smart enough to figure it out

[xoxo] Made In Love

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