Monday, October 26

My kind of soup by *fhrankee on Deviantart

Today has been eventful. And thoroughly blessed. 
My day started out frustrating. I was so worried about my work. 
Cos i havent started until these two days. And there's quite a lot to be done
But somehow, things just straightened out and i'm almost finishing it. 
Thank God. Cos i had prayed about it and God knows how worried i was. 
Oh, i had decided that i wanted to blog cos i wanna share the food i ate today. 

I tried Souperlicious. It was enjoyable. (: 
the idea is good, it comes with a big bowl of soup with two 'sticks' of bread. 
It's pretty filling for a decent price. 
And it's a good change as compared to rice and noodles. 
Next i tried hot chocolate at Spinelli coffee. 
Been wanting to try the drinks at that cafe but never got the chance too. 
now my wish is fulfilled! 
But funny thing i didnt try their coffee. 
quite wasted but i'm not really fond of coffee cos it sticks to the breath. haaaa. 
Then i went to changi to meet a friend. 
Oh, highlight was that i walked around terminal 2 about 40 mins looking for a place to photocopy the thing i drew. 
lol. And quite wasted cos i'll prefer to spend more time with my friend rather than walking around looking idiotic. haha. 

didn't sleep much today. No idea why, especially since i'm not really feeling well. 
but it's okay, i feel better this way actually. I have more time to do more things. Makes me feel more accomplished. wheeeee. 
i notice two things i like to blog about especially. 
Food and sleep. haaaa. wonder why. 

Why is it that when people are asked what they would bring if they were stuck on an island no one says a boat?

[xoxo] Made In Love

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