Tuesday, October 27

conceNtrate on Deviantart.

I saw a video, and it's pretty interesting. 
I love this part where it says 
"If you knew me.. and what i've done, you wouldn't want me"
"If you knew me, and what i've done, you wouldn't be worried."

i went to school yesterday on 4 hours of sleep.

Woah i feel so proud. heehee. 
I didn't pon ;D 
and i woke up at 530 am today just so i won't be late
(and i can pack stuff to make me look less thrashy after my PE)

Oh yeah, my sore throat is KILLING me. 
I swear. When i swallow, it just hurts. 
Especially in the middle of the night. When i'm sleeping!
So i'll wake up subconsciously, but then i become conscious cos of the pain. 
And i'll try to stifle my coughs. 
But eventually it'll BOOMZ. 

okay, i gtg rush. lol. 
i didn't wake up earlier just so i can blog. x) 

[xoxo] Made In Love

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