Sunday, October 11

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Work today was alright. 
Not as bad as i thought, but wasn't much easy 
but the thought of the money makes me excitedddd.
I did Nasim, which was buffet, so it was much easier as compared to a wedding dinner.
For buffet , just need to serve drinks and clear dish plus miscellaneous. 
(several people asked for toothpicks so i had to go downstairs to a wedding dinner to kope.)
As compared to a wedding dinner, where you need to do serve, portion, clear, change cutlery, refill drinks, it's definitely lesser to do. 
So mostly i was just standing there, watching out for things to do like some vulture. 
The desserts look so yummy laaaaaa. Got raspberry cheesecake, 
(i could feel the wonderful creamy texture when i cleared the cakes. I'm normally not a huge fan of cheesecakes but damn i was so tempted cos i was so hungry)
oh, the manager was nice. he found a bowl of fried rice for the hungry pitiful me who whined about feeling faint. haha. 
the people i worked with today were pleasant. (: And the guests were doctors. So it's a pretty opener for me. 
There were nice ones, and there were also snobbish ones. but they are mainly old lol!

Oh but there were colleagues who got on my nerves. That's when i realized i dislike people who can't understand me when i speak in english. And they are not china people so i can't talk to them in chinese either. 
but damn, they seriously got on my nerves. 
They don't just suck in english, but they pretty suck in their attitude too. 
couldn't see any graciousness from them. they just did their own work, not in any way smart though 
One of them was a permanent staff. So she was pretty familiar with the stuff. 
But she isnt exactly smart for someone who is a full timer. 
First thing i noticed was she poured way to much ice into the glass. 
So the glass was just filled with ice and the water looked like they were melted that's all. 
And she didn't even crush the ice(they are in huge chunks) so it was all chunky. 
Okay, it's all not really understandable. but main point is she isn't doing her work smartly. 

I'm still having flu and it caused my ears to be blocked. It's normal right? 
And i feel really drowsy since i woke up. Horrible.. 
And i had a slight headache at the end of the day. 
I'm pretty discouraged to work tmr now.. 
Maybe cos i need some rest. 

Oh, i ate durians just now. Haha. My mum bought them. 
And we were pissed at my uncle for eating our durians without asking. I shall elaborate another day. 
I'm too tired now. 

Uhmm. usually, this is the paragraph where i start talked about something 'cheem'. 
But having mental block. Lol. yay? 

Mun Teng is retired... she was tired yesterday and she's tired again today. 

[xoxo] Made In Love

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