Friday, October 9

Tired by Eswendel on Deviantart.

I went town today,again. 
I'm so noob it's a record for me for going town 3 days in 5. 
And i'll be going to work so it'll be in orchard too. 
Yayyyyy! Let me gloat over it, me country bumpkin. 

And i got upset with my mum. Cos she didn't hear me out. 
|: idk why my mood's not really good today. 
Then i lay on the floor listening to music. 
Almost fell asleep but couldn't cos my contacts were still on and haven't washed up. 

Siannnn tmr got workkkkk. 
Actually wanted to cut hair, and buy clothes today. 
But i dowan tmr itching to admire it and cannot cos got work. LOl.

Actually, i notice i keep talking about myself. 
Like times when i go out, i never talk about the other party much here. 
Maybe cos i don't want it to be weird. 
And i don't want to do it plainly to humor the other party
Like just so when the other person read my blog then feel happy cos i did mention him/her. 
It's like telling the other person how i felt about the date indirectly.
Isn't it weird?
And i'm afraid readers will find it boring. 
Does it make sense? haha. 
am i wrong? Oh man.. 
I admit i'm afraid of judgement sometimes.
|: hmm. 
I hope i don't regret this post. 

Sex is like air; it's not important unless you aren't getting any

[xoxo] Made In Love

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