Sunday, October 4

oh yeah, forgot to mention the previous post was my 200th post.
i'm so faithful to my blog. lol.
today has been such a lazyyyyy day.
i was practically letting time fly.
but it's alright. i'm happy.
was singing away, but i'm running out of songs to sing

and my mum kept nagging at me today.
i kept getting into rows with her
she ask me to do this and that, but damn it irritated the shit out of me. ):
idk why i'm so cranky either.

oh, i painted my nails.
it's black with silver tips. i like itttt.
never tried this color before.
just hope it'll be a while later before i need to take it off.
cos work doesn't allow me to paint my nails. boooooo.

oh, i haven't showered to the entire day! whooooo!
that's something you need to know. LOL.
i feel ughry though. haha.
cos i'm wearing my specs, in my pjs.
i look really different in my specs so yeah

oh yeah, this kept slipping my mind.
i kept wanting to say, i hope i never forget where i come from.
Like i grew from an immature girl to not as immature i hope.
anyway, i don't ever want to be like those annoying adults that don't empathize.
And they live in their own little adult world.
thinking that people who are unlike them are losers,
"you should do this, you shouldnt have done that!"
It's annoying.. and sad.
i mean, weren't they once stupid and ignorant too?
That's what mistakes are for right?
it's for you to learn the steps to pick yourself up.
if you just forget those steps, then it's pretty meaningless alr.
It's pretty self centered which helps no one except yourself.
Yeah, that's my point i guess.

But for me, i will sometimes get pissed at some things.
example sighing like 'haixxxzx'.
(haha now u know i hate ur guts the moment u say that)
I can't help it but get pissed off. and other things like that.
I'm trying not to, because i used to be an emo kid too.
If i read my diary from sec 1, i'll go 'who's that?'.
And other stupid things that can testify for my emo-shit
Now, i'm trying to keep records of my thoughts and feelings.
So that when i read back, at least it's not that hard to relate to.
And those falls can be considered well worthy as a learning journey.

Made In Love [xoxo]

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