Saturday, October 3

oh my gosh.. i'm sooo lazy.
i'm such a procrastinator.
i've caught a flu and been feeling drowsy.
But i still havent rest.
I still told ester i see tmr how. i think no need see alr. now i also know i no need work tmr alr.
First is lack of sleep. plus my flu, gg alr.

i actually had a point before i clicked on create post. but now i forgot what i'm about to say..
oh, i've been watching peter chao(that's not my main point lol)
his catch phrase 'Chao outside, mudafucker' keep sticking in my head.
i feel like saying it out. lol.

oh, i love singing.
i really want to take up vocal lessons
it's such a pleasure. okay that's random.

Made In Love [xoxo]

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