Friday, October 2

Yesterday's event was..i cannot say enough and was majorly impressed. 
Okay la, i noob. i never go to big events before. 
It was the Top Shop Top Man 2009 Autumn Fashion Party. 
There were many people at the event. Like around 400 pax 
(the hell? i just sneezed 5 times consecutively, make that 6. )
I saw Denise Keller, Utt, some mediacorp artistes. 
That's the most i can recognise. 
But i could tell there were more distinguished people
Like big shots from Top Shop and designers, 
Just that i'm too noob to distinguish. 
and i saw Joshua, and my sec classmate.
There was this Top Shop Top man board. 
you know those that people take pictures against it one? 
I wanted to take lorrrr. but no camera!  

The entire event was only an hour plus to 2 hours.
So i actually worked hard for that amount of time. 
The rest of the time was not very tough. 
Mostly just slacking around, 
Packing some stuff. 

Uhmmm. and...oh, i made friends. 
Got 2 girls' number. 
They're from sp and tp. 
They're fun to talk to. haha. 
And my colleague asked for my number. 
At least he's not some fugly china shit. :x 
okay, i'm being mean 
i also dun really how to blog about it without being weird, in case he reads it. 
But Nicole also said he's pretty cute. Just that.. 

Oh i had a dream about work la. 
Dreamt that i was on the way to Regent. 
then idk why i go break my heel. 
So it spoiled. 
Then i was intending to get a new one. 
Then i remembered the shoes i got yesterday. 
So i went bck to take. 
And i travelled back to Regent from home. 
oh my sis volunteered to climb the stairs to take it for me. 
How sweet of her. she's always like this, irl.
anyway, when i returned to Regent, i remembered i have no work. 

which makes it a very interesting dream, 
cos two points that are true irl. 
The new shoes i bought and no work today. 

my arms hurtttttt. calves also. nevermind good, means i building muscles. 
and i have some mad work tmr. 
from 11pm to 12 pm. 13 friggin hours.
so i shall slack today. whoooohoo. 
i love lazy days,(in moderated servings) 

Made In Love [xoxo]

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