Monday, October 5

Haha, i don't really have stuff to blog. 

Oh yeah, i've been commenting on youtube. 
And there are particular people who hate my guts. 
But i'm not being degrading or anything, but some must be really immature. 
The point they say just doesn't stand. 
anyway, i used to be really affected by comments online. 
and if i argue, i will be real emotional and i lost what i wanted to say.
At least now i'm less affected. Or rather i don't really care.  
But if someone is right about saying something bad about me then i'll feel really lousy.
I guess this is emotional maturity. Which is awesome. 
You know you have to polish your character, 
Same goes for emotions.
Emotions itself is good. 
It allows humans to be humans and not robots. 
But emotions too, have it's negative side and positive side 
Negative being too emotional and getting out of control, which i'm sure most people understand what i mean. 
Positive side will be that it allows you to enjoy life.
I look forward to being more matured emotionally.
So that when you are feeling your emotions, you can boldly enjoy them instead of worrying things might turn ugly due to lack of control 
I'm still young so i''m not much matured, but it's already so fun.
So i can laugh at old uncles who are seriously immature.

Oh yeah i learnt that wisdom does not equal to knowledge. 
Wisdom is someway, a more practical version of knowledge. 
You know, sometimes you have that nudge inside you, that makes you set a conclusion.
Like 'i don't know why, but i'm not supposed to do this'. 
And then when your not-as-fast brain finally picks up everything and the evidence and it verifies your 'gut feeling'. 

Anyway, I was intending to talk about conversations. 
I think it's alright if both parties have different point of views. 
I mean, it's almost impossible to have two people thinking exactly alike anyway. 
And to keep any conversation open, one must always have an open mind. 
If anyone starts to insist that they are definitely right and anything else must be wrong, 
It will only close doors. 
the other person will either just not talk about the topics that might be different, 
or try to compromise and point out the similarities in the midst of it, 
Or an argument will break out. 
Or something not so good. 
Well, it's always easier said than done. 
I don't do this all the time even though i can say it here. Hmm yeah. 

Oh now i've got tons of stuff here, on the contrary to the first sentence of the post.

Made In Love [xoxo]

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