Tuesday, October 6

Had an impromptu small class outing. haha. 
Went to kbox with ZhenRu, Add, Clarie at Cine. 
I said 'Hey i was here yesterday' two days consecutively. Feels weird lol.
Anyway, it was fun, and i'm so country bumpkin cos that was my first time. 
Oh yeah, ZR has a nice voice. Add esp likes Jay Chou, Clarie-Fahrenheit 
Oh the iforgotwhat drink was nice. Got jelly at the bottom and syrup with soda water.
then we went for dinner at KFC. 
And had to go home alr, cos add and i have curfew.

Yes, kbox is addictive. haha. 
I will be going back someday soon. 
It's a good way to train my vocals 
Plus they have free flow of snacks. 
Imma make them bankrupt!! 
I'm kidding. wait, no i'm not. ha.

Oh, there's this fb application which has random statuses. there are funny ones, interesting ones, realistic ones, smart ones,random ones and what not. 
I think it's called Status Shuffler or sth 
My point being i'm gonna share it here, haha.

ever wish life has a rewind button? not because of regret, but simply to enjoy those moments you cherish just one more time

Oh, i'm going to confess a guilty pleasure. And that is i like Miley Cyrus' songs. Especially Rockstar and Party In The USA. |: 

[xoxo] Made In Love. 

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