Wednesday, October 7

Friendship by ~ollaaa from deviantart. 
I went out with hachi today 
Interesting things happened. haha.
First, i managed to buy alcohol. Got some Jim Beam whisky coke thing. 
But i felt scammed lol. didnt check properly then ended up it's only 4% alcohol. 
Oh the person checked my ID but still let me get through. 
But my mum told me not to do that next time. haha. 
If not the person will get fired from the job. so yeah. 
next time shall make her get it for me then. hoho. 
but still shiok la. haha. underage still can. 
talk about cheap thrills.. lol. 
I'll get excited if i can get through M18 films too. 
okay i shall try next time whooo! hahaha. 

Another thing is we were intending to cook spaghetti. 
So we bought some nice spaghetti sauce. 
but the problem was we stupidly made a sharp swerve and smashed the bottle into the wall. 
Which left the top part chipped and the cap was off. 
So the sauce spilled all over the bag. 
There were also glass fragments in the sauce too. 
I use my hands and dug around the sauce to search for the fragments. 
And yes, we still used that sauce for our spaghetti. 
It tasted horrible though. Cos much of the sauce was wasted. 
So it was diluted and combined with ketchup and chili which we added to try make up for the taste(and didn't work very well.. |:) 
And we watched Memoirs of a Geisha
for me, my 71926372th time. i lost count actually. 

It's really enjoyable to spend time with hachi. 
there's just no pressure in having to keep up with any false image. 
We could just be ourselves and feeling safe that we accept each other for who they are. 
Cos you can't usually have these people around you these days. 
You have to keep up with some sort of a pretense. 
And worry about what the other person might feel. 
I think there's just something about sec school exams, the whining about weight and fats,the showing off of muscles, the complaining about loss of muscles, the mugging together, the npcc sessions, the tehan-ing camps, the gossiping, the desperate times, the emo-ing times, the sharing of God's love, the worshipping Him together, whatever it is, that just bonds . 

The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all your mistakes and weaknesses and still thinks you're completely amazing

[xoxo] Made In Love

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