Tuesday, October 13

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went to cut my hair today. 
Haha, there isn't much diff.
Just made it look more tame and decent.
The hairdresser was not bad. 
He said he was cutting my hair according to the waves. 
I'm impressed cos no hairdresser told me they were doing that. 
I think it's also important. 
Cos previously when i cut my hair, the person just cut according to a certain length, without taking note of my hair waves. 
Which makes my hair difficult to manage. 
I just showered and washed my hair so i can't really see how my hair really looks like now. 
Who knows i'll be back tmr to rant about how ughry it is. lol.
Yeah, i couldn't see my 'actual' hair before i showered cos the hair dresser curled my hair. 
Made me so tempted to get a curling iron. 
Wah, he said one will cost hundred plus but i saw those at watsons, for only 20-50. 

Oh, went to causeway to shop. 
I was in John Little and there was 30-40% discount on most cosmetic items. 
So i went to buy stuff. haha
I only got lip color, lip gloss, and two eye liners. 
Not bad alr. 
I still wanted to get 2-way foundation. 
So sick of liquid cos it's so difficult to apply evenly. 

Anyway, i'm left with no money! 
Aw shucks. 
I spent my money on food as well. D: 
I was still intending to go out with my mum and treat her for tea. 

Oh, my mum has been really sweet. 
She looks like she forgotten the issue the day before 
No cold conversations, whatsoever. 
I really appreciate that.. 
I thought she was gonna be angry with me, or talk to me in a plain tone.
but yay! 
And my family had some crap talk just now. We were all laughing 
It was mostly over the stuff i bought, my cosmetics and the cookies. 
Even though the cookies were not very nice, they are well worth it, 
For all the laughs. 

the quickest way for a mother to get her children's attention is to sit down and look comfortable.
(omg so true. I disturb my mum every time she looks all comfortable)

[xoxo] Made In Love

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