Wednesday, October 14

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My guilty pleasure is.. your mum. 
Thought it will be nice to start with my guilty pleasure but then again i can't think of any at the moment. 
I think no one really gets your mum jokes. 
The ones i say are from Natalie Tran. She's on youtube/communitychannel. 

I was on blog shops just now. 
I can't believe how come i never blog-shopped online before!
And i saw clothes for such a good price! makes me feel like buying them all. 
(and conveniently making me bankrupt again)

Haha okay i notice i'm having too much girl talk for the recent posts. 
So i shall stop. 

i rant a lot to my mum. |: 
she's complaining i'm very long winded. haha. 
I agree la. 
Oh and i like to just linger with somebody after talking. 
Instead of 'okay, chop chop, moving on'. 
Cos usually after i poured my heart out, and my victim immediately move on to do something else, i'll feel lousy. 
Is it normal? Do people usually feel this way?

Anyway i'm still not sleeping at this hour. Whoo power. 
I'm aiming to sleep at 8 am. 
Then wake up at 8pm or sth. 
Then sleep again at 12 then oh, wait, my timing will be damn screwed. 
Argh die. |: 

Actually i got nothing much to blog. 
No inspiration or whatsoever.. i'm just randomly throwing in stuffs

Oh, i got ShoutMix. Hmm i like it. It's so much cooler looking than cbox. haha
I did some personalizing. 

Oh i thought of a topic. 
I think females should wait for males to take initiative in the romance department. 
But as friends i'm neutral, it's alright both ways. 
Personally, i like taking initiative instead of waiting due to my lack of patience. 
But i've been more affirmed that i shouldn't take too much initiative when it comes to someone i like. 
Maybe it's a girls' thing, that we like to feel more wanted. 
But frankly, i do feel better if i had waited for a guy to take the initiative. 
Shows that he wants me and he knows what his role is. 
But pity that guys these days have this excuse that it's the modern society hence also waiting for the girls to make an approach 
I understand guys can be shy sometimes but if u are shy to the extent u ain't got guts, then forget it. 
and of course i dont think girls should wait for the guys to do everything. 
It's good if once in a while the girl asks the guy out for a date, it'll be spontaneous and cute. 
but i still stand to my point that it's more appropriate for guys to initiate more than girls. 
However, i do tend to change and my mind can be fickle. 
So don't laugh at me when i don't practice what i 'preach'.
IMO, guys should just make the approaches and see how the girl reacts. 
If she reciprocate, it shows that she is interested, even if it's just for the tiniest bit 
There's always the chance that the girl is just playing along, so it'll take time to know. 
Guys should make advances whenever possible and appropriate. 

Oh yeah, and i think sometimes girls can have high expectations for guys. 
they say like 'oh i like guy with a,b,c,d,e characteristics' then end up the next bf don't have. 
I think it's easier said than done. 
Sometimes also don't have the perfect candidate so u just grab whatever that comes along. 
I think it's just human, isn't it? haha
However, 'grabbing whatever u can get' in excess may make someone seem cheap
Haha, so need to balance

I find balance is very important in many many many things. 
I can swear by that lol. 

Dieeeee, i'm so sleepy now alr. 
I'm awake for only 15 hours.

It's completely impossible to find someone who won't ever hurt you, so go for someone who will make the pain worthwhile. 

[xoxo] Made In Love 

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