Sunday, September 27

second day of work today.
it was painful! ):
my feet hurts until now from that pair of heels.
and i still thought, oh gee, how painful can that be.
i swear nvr to wear that again.
meanwhile, work was fun.
my guests liked me which makes me happy.
and the manager seems to be happy too.
by general stuff i guess.
and he's uber emotional.
suddenly so tense, makes us go pick up the dish saying we are late when no one's collected it yet.
then at the end when everything went well
he went all emotional and kept saying thanks.
maybe that was his first day LOL.

okay i cant wait to sleep and have my feet recovered.
i feel so lazy to apply moisturizer... ):

oh yeah, abt the competition thing,
i didn't watch it.
i had to leave before it started, sadly.
anyway, when i reached i saw this omg-ew-no guy who looked like him
thankfully, he reached soon after.
i think he look like he just walked out of the pictures,
and still totally my type.
idk. he doesn't seem to be making any moves.
oh no, the mental image of him is starting to blur. ):
stupid work, made me distracted LOL.

(C) Made In Love

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