Monday, September 28

work today was alright.
it was short in a way, but more boring than the previous evenings.
the guests didn't specially favor me. all the ah peks and ah mas.
guess i'm not likeable to old people.
boo you!
it was weird when my friends kept saying today's the best evening.
my legs are so drained by now. and the supervisor today like shit.
so temperamental. in all the negative ways.
keep scolding people. seriously, i dun think that's in any way matured.
if u are a good supervisor, u will think it's wise to respect ur employees and get them in a good mood so that everyone's in a high morale to do good.
putting them down should be last on the list.
and his bad tempers weren't even rational.
eventually he asked all of us to go home when we haven't finished setting the tables
he sounded angry when he said that. he was like 'go home, go home! leave!'
aiyo, he so smart la,
everything he set himself lor. stupid.
got 30 over tables to set lei.

oh and when work ended i was eating my hotdog bun and chocolate biscuits on the van.
yeah they have some private transport for us.
before work i bought an ice cream cone.
the mac person didn't know how to dispense properly so i got an extra huge one.
like twice as much la.
i'm not gonna say it's a bad thing, but i eat until very sian. lol.
cos it's very creamy and milky.
but nice la, the softness just nice.
so i recommend the macs ice cream at taka. ;D

i made friends during the work.
i'm close to two girls who are studying in tp.
they're really fun to be around. i look forward to hanging out with them. (:

i think friendships are precious.
in comparison to material things like looks, money, possessions,
people are the ones whom u will be grateful for most eventually.
you can live without good looks, without a mansion, without a lamborghini, but you cannot live without people.
i believe that you will practically die if there's no one on earth except you alone.
haha. i wonder how humans tick this way.
it's so interesting how humans just behave in this way.
i get angry when people go like everything is oh so scientific.
like when u feel happy, oh it's because of endorphins and that alone.
of course i know it's due to endorphins, brain things, receptor things etc but i just know there is more to it.
okay la, i won't be angry. i'm still open. but once someone cross that line and become all insistent and rude, that's when i get pissed
and i feel like shaking their stupid little brain and go

anyway, the chocolate biscuits i've been munching out just now, ran out. ): i want moreeeee.

oh oh, this incident on the train just now.
this uncle ah, he come and kao pei me.
i asked him to give me some space cos he's standing too close to me.
seriously too close, made me real uncomfortable.
then he started mumbling sth, so i asked him to repeat thinking he was talking to me.
so he was complaining about me, which i forgot what exactly was it.
and i talked back too.
it's not my nature to keep quiet and let some idiot do whatever they want to me.
he's seriously unreasonable la, i ask him move only then he kao fucking pei.
not as if i'm the one making an unreasonable request.
the epic piss was when he cut in front of me when he saw me abt to alight.
i feel like getting a knife and stab it into his friggin fat flabby back.
then i'll get an axe and hack him until his flesh are all tenderized.
hack hack hack!
oh and i swore right before we walked in different directions.
too bad he couldn't do anything despite me cursing at him
but i will try to reduce any conflicts with dumb people.
like no point la, my intelligence on different frequency with their pea brain.
talk to them only waste my energy.

okay, on a lighter non murderous note,
let's talk abt the guy i like!
i dun really love him. ):
i don't do things just cause they are best for him.
i do things for me, that are the best for him.
intentions are different.
so best for him right now, will start not to be best anymore.
best for me, then second best for him.
call this lust.
i want a boyfriend and i want him now!
i need to work on my patience. ):
but i have real high expectations from my 'perfect' guy.
and for them to be met, i doubt it's anytime now.
cos in order for me to get an A grade bf, i need to be an A grade gf.
I believe right now, we are still growing.
maybe we are alr in each other's social circle, maybe not yet.
life is beautiful!

haha. i'm hopeful cos i have a dad who is powerful, and love me entirely. i'm taken care of. (:
now now, don't be jealous. we can always share. he's enough to spread around.

okay, that's all.
my legs hurt. and i want to sleep.

(C) Made In Love

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