Saturday, September 26

My first day of work just now.
I worked as a waitress in a wedding at..uhm i forgot what's the hotel name.
It was fun!
You know weddings are so fanciful and such joyous occasions.
Makes it my pleasure to just be a part.
I made new friends. yay!
the uniform's pretty good looking too.
My first time wearing a waitress' uniform.
i just discovered a cut on my pinkie. haha. random much?
oh and i spilled drinks on one of the guests eeks.
thankfully everyone was nice abt it.
But my partner wasn't so lucky.
She spilled drinks on an LV bag.
wah the woman created such a huge fuss.
Makes me thankful my victim's a guy.
if not i also kena until damn bad
we pro la, both also spilled drinks. power.
i swear i will change my hairstyle.
haha just now i looked kiddish.
i'm too reliant on my long hair
anyway, there was transport provided.
The driver cranky la, dunno where to drop me then anyhow scold me.
then i dowan to make him drive back so i dropped at RP and walked the bloody long way home.
oh i just had french toast. NICE!
i love food. ;D
and i had some wheat grass thing? idk what it was but it's nice too!

Tomorrow i'm gonna meet him
he's gonna participate for a competition
so i'll be in the audience
interesting huh.
I'm pretty excited.
I dun really look forward to any awkward random 'backstage' conversations though.
Just to see him on stage will be good enough.
i wanna save a proper conversation for the next time.

oh yay, i'm feeling sleepy.
cant wait to get a good rest.

(C) Made In Love

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