Thursday, September 24

Went to watch Ugly Truth today.
With Add, Jess, Cla, Van, Jas.
the movie was really entertaining
I recommend it!

oh, there was this odd guy who asked if could know me better
The hell?
It's so weirdddddd.
I guess cos i was wearing heels and carrying some cardigan,
Prolly mistaken me as an artiste or what. hahahaha.
*just to sidetrack, easy tip to make urself look like a model, just overdress haha
put on some imba looking jacket or a shawl. I tried, i know hahaha*
But not a good thing, cos when he saw my face,
he just went, oh nevermind.
Haha. Is it cos i looked super wth, or just my face that he mistaken. LOL

and i will go, wth at this,
but secretly i'm flattered. hohohoho.
oh, and this is the second time it's happened.

I can't sleep dammit.
I woke up at 10am yet i still can't slp.
Listened to music then drifted off,
I still thought it was 4am or what.
But it was only 1am. I hour only. BLEH.
And when i gained consciousness,
thoughts kept running in my mind
They're really dumb i swear.
Like how i want to get that LA girl white eyeliner for 5 bucks.
And that brown liquid liner for 8 bucks.
And of course there's him in my head.
Wondered if he's online(which i found out by now, no).

This is gonna be so weird.
I mean, if he starts reading my blog.
And finds out all the stuff i've been typing about him.
So weird.
Hence i die die also won't show him. Yes.

And i really have no idea who's reading this.
I'm guessing not much people.
but i'm hoping, that one day, when i become famous!
People will read about the-used-to-be-not-so-famous me
And realise i've been such a wonderful person all along. hohoho.
And wth am i talking abt? haha i'm bull shitting.
My egoistic side is showing up. D:
and why am i having dreams about becoming famous?
Since when? Lol

I keep eating today.
I had..
A burger,
Mash potato,
Medium fries,
Medium Milo,
Small wang wang man tous,
Had more of those at home so i'm eating them now as i'm typing,
Pola snacks. (those primary school days food!)

Okay, i will try to cut down. ):

(C) Made In Love

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