Friday, July 10

Today is a fun day. 
I went back to Tiong Bahru and reminisce  
It was nice.. 
The environment at Tiong is really better than in Woodlands.
It's cozier, quieter, and more comfortable.

You know, when you sit on the floor too long, 
Your butt starts hurting? 

Oh, haha, dhanu makes me blog about our date that day,
So yup. 
We met outside the carpark, where i was sitting on the ground unglamly.
Then she had her lunch at burger king. 
I dun like bk. :x
I only like their Hershey's Sundae pie.
*hint hint hint.hahaha. 
Then we went to get Cadbury. 
We were talking about shampoos while in the supermarket. 
And i realied the nair's gooey wax strip is not spoilt for being gooey. 
But i think just cream works good enough for me. 
The pain's not worth it. 
Then we headed to my place. 
Where we began ravishing on the chocolate. 
hachi started tying chicky's arms together. 
I tied munjun's doggie's arms. 
It got stuck.
And we laughed it looked simply funny. 
It trained our abs! (:
Hachi started reading my thank you notes 
Sadly there weren't anything interesting. 
But i think i'm gonna post it here. 
Like stuffs that i thank God for everyday 
And i will try not to be too general and make them a little more juiceh!
Oh and i think i'm gonna change my Made By Love to Made In Love. 
Sounds more appropriate. 

Today has been blessed because, 
i can blog so long for this post. i always like posting, but sometimes i get distracted or things are just not appropriate to post.|(: 

damn, i just got distracted 

i enjoyed my subway|(:
I could experience the wonderfulness of tiong.|(:
Joshua was being so adorable, and keep being bullied by me. |(:
I got my motivation to watch animes or read mangas back. lol.|(:
I had enough money left for the week even though i keep buying food.|(:
and i had money to buy a cake from Angie's choice like i used to, for my mum.|(:
my dad didn't kill me for going out today.|(:
Joshua got excited over my dad's good bod. LOL|(:
I played DJ max and keep getting above 90%!|(:
I slept for 12 hours.|(:
I skipped school. :x lol. |(:
i'm going school, 'later'.|(:

I have so much stuff to thank God for. But if i get started, i think i can forget about sleeping, and i'm uber sleepy now! 

(C) Made In Love 

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