Sunday, July 5

I shall elaborate. 
I had yammi yog. 
It's yummmmmyyyyyy! 
I will eat it again! 
And i bought a cookie from Bread of Life.
So much for Bread of Life. 
It wasn't really nice.. |: 
Angelina got it as well. ;D 
Service was really great. 
Pastor's sermons are really the best. 
I can never get used to other preachers. 
And it was nice meeting cg after two weeks.. 
After sermon, i went for dinner with Try and Angelina. 
We had KFC. lol. 
And we talked.
Priceless. (: 
And i continued talking to angelina on our way back. 
It was very interesting. 
I enjoyed my day. 
And on my way home, i joined my parents at the coffee shop downstairs. 
I really love these moments.. 

Today is a day that the Lord made. 
And i rejoiced in it. 

(C) Made By Love

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