Wednesday, May 6

The previous post was very very random. 

Today was Principles of Programming. 
Very confusing... Ha... 
But managed to finished the projects given. 
Through referencing. -winks
And i almost puked blood. 
I can still puke blood now. 
All along i didn't attach the file. 
For three fking bloody weeks! 
All my assignments weren't handed in then?!?!
Oh my fucking gosh. Someone save me. 
ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh... -vomits blood. 

Went to canteen 2 and ate with classmates. 
There were Jessica, Vanessa, YT, Steven, Jerry, Clarence. 
The chicken chop was alright. but the rice..cmi. 
I prefer the fat jap rice that the guys were having. 

I fell into deep sleep on the train. 
Keep feeling sleepy these days. 
Maybe it's the flu. 
Gonna sleep early today. Yay!
2DD is worrying me... ): 
I hate being a worry wart.. ): 
but, whatever! :/ 

Oh yes.. something to end the post on a happy note. 
I went out with Sowji and Ameerah for a while.
It was really nice catching up with them. 
I got hugs for them! Yay! 
It really cheered me up. 
And ameerah was being as sweet as usual. 
Sowji wants a birthday cake for her birthday and 
she got kinda upset thinking about it. ): 
Silly dowdy. Haha.

Oh, and so sorry Addison, 
i forgot to intro you to sowji and pangsehed you. Sorry! 

Actually, the train sleeping part is supposed to be here. 

(C) Made By Love

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