Thursday, May 7

My day started out.. bad. 
I was feeling so damn sian the whole day. 
Blah blah blah blah blah. 
Then had dinner with part of the cg. 
Ohmygosh. the moment i came alive. 
Seriously.. I felt dead the whole day. 
I'll never want that feeling again. 
It's so... dissatisfied. and crabby. and unenthusiastic. 

I had fries during dinner. 
Then my friends told me i kena ripped off. ): 
but i really wanna go back to Makan Place again. 
I feel the food there is the best compared to 3 and 2. 
Maybe just takeaway. 
Cos it's usually crowded. 

Oh, i had pear juice too. 
Weird right. Haha. 
Cos not many people go ordering, 
"can i have a cup of pear juice please?"

Talked to Janey, Angelina, Ailin and Tryphena. 
But Janey had to leave for meeting. 
Angelina is hilarious. But i love her attitude man. 
'Don't Mess With Me' attitude. 

Tired to go school tomorrow.... 
Been a long week.. 
And still hasn't completed 2DD. 

There's this skit thing tomorrow.. 
For four bloody hours. 
I'm just hoping it be interesting. 
If not i'll sleep, i'm serious. 
And i'm looking forward to cgm tmr. 
It'll be first time going for NPCGM. =)) 

Don't Mess With Me.  
cos i am

(C) Made By Love 

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