Tuesday, May 5

As i have boasted in the previous post, 
I'm gonna boast it again. 
I have a day off today! 
Yeah. \m/ (it's a rocker hand sign, see it?) 

I slept for twelve hours. Haha. 
Woke up at eleven plus this morning. 
Yes, it was still morning! 
I did random stuff.. 
Watched D.I.E. =) 
As i planned before i slept ytd.
Then more random stuff. 
It's mostly on the laptop. 
Attempted to start sketching and i realized i need a sharpener. 
So i randomly left the house in search of a good sharpener. 
When i reached Popular, i thought, i need pencils too. 
so i actually stood at the pencils section for a long time 
contemplating how many and which. 
I picked 2H, HB, 2B, 5B. 
Then i proceeded to the sharpeners section
I saw Maped. it looks nice new.
but when i thought of the lousy one i have at home,i thought better not. 
I tried sharpening a bit of the pencils with some of the sharpeners i'm interested in. 
And i really like the Staedtler one! Costs bloody 4 bucks though. 
Anyway, i went back to the pencils section, put back the ones i was holding and repicked. 
I did that cos i thought i wanna go home to get the popular card, 
but i'm likely to spend the seventy cents saved anyhow anyway. 
I picked 2H, 2B and 4B. 
After which, i thought, ooh, i need kneadable erasers too. So i picked an Omni one.
Then, i asked one of the staff where to get those pencil caps, 
and i contemplated whether to get the more cheap, or the not so cheap one. 
The difference was only 35c. 
I just picked the more expensive one cos the other looked a little more cheapo. 
Actually, no, it just seems cheapo to me cos it is cheaper.
Finally, i made the payment. 
The costs are:

Sharpener = 3.85
Pencils 85c x 3 = 2.55
Kneaded eraser= 1.05
Pencil caps = 1.95

 Total cost= 9.40 

I'm a sucker for stationaries.I love bookshops. 
And i always have a reason to buy the more expensive one. 
A tip for anyone who wants to sell anything to rip me off.

That was one long post for my search for a good sharpener.
Apparently i bought more than that. :/ 
Random spam! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Tralalalalalalalalalalala~ (:  

Currently: Listening to Cry by Rihanna. Finished one sketch!
Distracted for the second one.

(C) Made By Love

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