Monday, May 4

I did make use of the MC. Haha. 
Didn't go for FCP. 
Wasn't feeling well. 
Took a nap when i reached home 
till 6 thirty in the evening. 
Still felt drowsy and tired. 

Art class today was ok. 
Learnt some stuff. 
Talked to people. 
Shared a little. 

Went for lunch. 
Didn't eat. 

Contemplated whether to go for FCP or not.
The devil won. 

I don't know why my sentences are so short. 

Anyway, there's no lesson tomorrow. 
So if i count it, there wasn't school 
Last Friday, Sat, Sun, 
Four hours of class today, 
and no school tmr.
Boo ya. 

(C) Made By Love

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