Monday, May 4

Can't get to sleep. 
Damn the coke i just drank. 
I'm so friggin beat and it's keeping me up. 
Feeling a little sick now. 
Maybe i'll take advantage of the MC and take leave tmr. 
And pon FCP. LOL. 

My day was great. 
I finally recovered from fever and 
i feel like my healthy self. 
I got to my sketches. 
Took me 2 hours to complete the first one. 
It's really long for a piece of A4 size drawing. 
But i kinda feel that it's worth it. 
Cos the drawing turned out to be ok. 
At least to me. haha.. 
Then i did two more sketches. 
They were pretty shitty. 
Didn't have enough time to complete all of them 
Needed to prepare to go service. 

Lunch was interesting. 
My mum got so sick of the food downstairs we had instant noodles instead. 
She added in random veggies in it. Haha. 

I left the house after lunch. 
Met up with cg members. 
Talked to Jolene a bit. 
And she treated me to honey aloe vera. (: 
Made several new friends. 
NPCG is really friendly.. 
Praise and worship is..indescribable.  
God really touched my heart. 
And i cried. 
Sermon was awesome.. 
Spoke out to me in many parts. 
Then there's mother's day item. 
I cried again. 
Funny i keep crying.. 
I'm not complaining though. (: 

The mother's day item reminded me that
I really should cherish my mum.. 
Instead of complaining.. 
I'm planning to get something really nice for my mum. 
My family's a really sensitive topic. 
I think it's good though. 
It shows that they really matter to me.
Thank God. 

Fellowship was indescribable too. 
I feel this peace and joy when i talk to my cg friends. 
No one else besides God can do this. 
I swear. 

And i noticed many people don't exactly like chc.
(it's a neutral statement) 

There's so many things that i wanna say. Haha. 
Been so long since i blogged proper. 

Hmm, cranky mood now. 
My sis was complaining that i was disturbing her sleep. 
She says the light was too bright. 
Then i quarreled with her. 
I admit i was really harsh.. 
And it didn't help when i'm feeling sick, and desperate to hand in my fking assignment but the system's lagging while she's yapping away. 
And i made a lot of fking noise cos it's bloody dark. 
And i can't see any fking thing. 
Yeah, i hate it when i'm unsmooth at a friggin inappropriate time. 

K, done ranting. 

I can't bring myself to think of happy stuff now. 
Haven't finished venting all my unhappiness yet. 

I was intending to stay up until very late. 
Take a short nap, then go school. 
But seems like i wanna sleep now alr. 
No point staying up cranky. 

Hopelessness works well for me though.
I should stop doing this. Even i'm irritated by my crap

(C) Made By Love

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