Sunday, May 3

Oh my, i actually emo-ed. Hmm. 
Anyway, i didn't make it for Arrow on Sat.
I really wanted to go. 
Auntie Julie came over and prayed over me. 
And then i went to see a doc later in the evening. 
Got some medication. 
For cough, running nose, sore throat and fever. 
So i rested after i took the medication.
And my temp decreased rapidly.
I will say Ibuprofen's strong.
But thank God.
Cos for all you know, it might not work.
The last time i took my temp,it's 35.8.
My fever's entirely gone.

On a random note,
Gosh! I love the cough syrup. 
I always liked them since i was young. Haha. 
And i love the lozenges for sore throat. 
It's like a candy that gives me a funny feeling. 
Feels like it coats the throat. 
Lol, that sounds kinda..unattractive. hahaha.
Anyway, I'm gonna pop one now! (: 

And i finished my research alr! 
Or rather i'm moving on to the sketches and 
ignoring the last topic to research on.  

Hmm, i'm not feeling myself now. 
One cos it's 2 plus.. 
Two cos i'm still kinda melancholic. 

Man, forget it..  

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