Sunday, May 17

Oh yeahh. 
I said hi to the guy working at Prints. 
And it's not because i wanna hit on him!
I just thought it will be interesting to make a friend in this manner.
Cos last sunday was mother's day. 
So i went to Prints to get some paper to write a card for my mum. 
then the sales person was friendly. 
So i friendly back also lo. 
then after service i went back to the same shop 
Cos i needed to get ribbons. 
then he remembered me. 
and we chatted a bit. 
And today i decided to pop in and say hi and see if he still remembers me. 
he did! cool.
It's interesting la. 
But Ailin ask me 'is he your friend?'
then i said 'not really'
Then she give me that weird weird look. =/
I think she thinks i wanna hit on him. 
please la, he not even around my age. 
oh well. 

(C) Made By Love

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